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Subject 1: Interpretation of observed after effect and non-desired results. 

Subject 2: Unanticipated Circumstantial evidence suggests need for questioning official EPA records of Radiation Data
Date: Feb 29, 2016
The Experiment readings did not reveal any significant reduction or increase in  averaged micro - Sieverts per hour for Monday February 22nd for our location in Capitola, CA 95010. We were hoping for a result that would show some reduction, as had appeared in the past, but this experiment resulted in ~ .130 uSvrt/hr after a ten minute data accumulation. which is almost exactly in the middle or mean range of values recorded on previous days.  We were disappointed that the experiment did not give the results we wanted, which would have been a preferred significant decrease of 20 or more percent  due to the higher number of meditation participants.
Subject 2: Unanticipated Circumstantial evidence suggests need for questioning official EPA records of Radiation Data
After thinking about it, we decided to look at Radiation background readings taken from Prefecture nearby of including Fukushima.      
We found the site below, last updated Sept 2013,



"Reasonable" (perhaps) background air dose Radiation readings in the range of .1 - .28 uSvrt/hr were last reported by the above site over two years ago. We could say it appears that efforts to update this webpage have been abandoned and forgotten for some unknown reason. 


This was not the daily or even weekly updated information we were looking for, however, so we continued searching Japanese websites


We eventually found the homepage of a Fukushima Area Japanese language radiation monitoring Website.



This site shows a map of the Japanese Island with concentric circles surrounding the location of the Fukushima NPP. Different areas are given colors blue through red indicating  increasing micro - Sieverts per hour, .25 through >5. The levels indicated by the map's color legend seem reasonable.
To the right of the Map was a display of  5- 7 updates per minute  in terms of Micro Sieverts / Hr  for various prefectures or governmental districts in Japan, Including Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cities attacked in 1945 with atomic bombs. All readings from these update scrolls were very low, .09 or less. some were as low as .03 
We then checked for EPA sites monitoring Background radiation in United States cities to see if somehow the Standard reporting in Micro Sieverts/Hr. had changed to some other formula. 
These sites for various cities in the US all yield very high Counts per minute (4-7K or more), so we sent a note to the EPA asking for an explanation


The largest influence may have been on Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear reactors suffered an accident several years ago during an earthquake and has been pouring radioactive water (200 tons per day) into the sea. thereby polluting the oceans of the world slowly but definitely.

The meditations have apparently lowered the radioactivity on much of the island.

a next step could be to choose a child who received a radioactive dose and have a group of dedicated people mentally focus on reducing the child's radioactivity daily for a couple of weeks.


On February 22, 2016, use your thought power to lower radioactivity background level of the Earth. Please do it for 15 minutes at any convenient time during that day.

People have the power to talk to trees and ants, cats and dogs, and other life forms, but they are not taught how to do that in schools. We are planning a school to teach kids how to do that. DONATIONS NEEDED. If you want to help please buy the "Psychic Education Now!" book or just send a PayPal donation to



April 2015, we held a third study that DEMONSTRATED human intention reduced the radioactivity of a sample from 148 to 121 counts per minute.

Two previous pilot studies also showed that radioactive counts were reduced when people made a mental effort for 5 – 10 minutes to reduce them.

The older idea in physics of a fixed decay rate for radioactivity may be incorrect.

Meditating on Feb. 22, 2016 may be a way to reduce the ever accumulating radioactive waste from the Fukushima mishap to a safer level.

Your help is desperately needed to focus your minds on decreasing radioactivity. Please invite all your friends and colleagues to focus their minds on the radioactivity decreasing.




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