Dr. Buryl Payne

P.O. Box 514
Soquel, CA 95073

The Psychoenergetics Fitness Cards

Based on Kundalina Yoga.

Good for beginners or experts!!

$16 for a set of 52 cards

An integral system of special exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility and breathing capacity.

Most traditional exercises only increase physical strength. Yoga and some dance exercises are designed to increase f1exibility but not necessarily strength.

PSYCHOENERGETICS exercises overcome these shortcomings of traditional exercise programs, blending yoga, powerful breathing, and strength building movement’s into a Unified Whole.


The psychoenergetic cards were developed by Buryl Payne, a Psychologist and bioenergetic therapist. Dr. Payne founded The Institute for Psychoenergetics and taught movement and body awareness kundalini yoga and bioenergetics at Boston University and the Joy of Movement Center for many years. The program was called Psychoenergetics to emphasize the development of will in addition to flexibility and strength.

Dr. Payne is a scientist, inventor, and author. He gave the idea of the Granola Bar to General Mills, and has written three books on self help techniques including hypnosis meditation, biofeedback training, and healing with magnetic fields.


Buryl Payne, P.O. Box 514, Soquel CA 95073, ,