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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Buryl Payne, Ph.D.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is one of the many ailments that may be helped by magnetic therapy. For optimum results some skill is required to properly apply magnetic forces to the body. It’s not just a simple matter of indiscriminately placing powerful magnets on the body, or sleeping on a magnetic bed. 

With the techniques now available, it is possible to magnetically diagnose the activity level of every gland and organ in the body with a simple non-invasive procedure utilizing a few permanent magnets, or a pulsing magnetic field generator. The technique consists of applying a test magnet to each gland and organ, first with one magnetic Polarity toward the body, then the other. A muscle test (called Applied Kiniesology), or determination of change in leg length, shows whether or not the gland or organ is functioning normally, is under active, or overactive. If one direction of magnetic force, called polarity, strengthens the muscles of the body, that polarity, or force direction, is the one to use for treatment Usually These force directions are called ‘bionorth’ or ‘biosouth’, or ‘negative’ or ‘positive’.

The complete procedure is described in the author’s book and in the manual bra magnetic kit. The technique, though simple, is generally unknown as the originators have passed away. 

A more objective alternative to muscle testing may be made with a new device called The Electronic Muscle Tester, designed by the author. Using this procedure, the author has found that people with CFS usually have nearly every gland in the body alternately hyperactive or hypoactive. For example, if the pineal gland is overactive, the next lower gland in the body, the pituitary, will be under active. The thyroid in neck will be overactive, and so on proceeding down the entire body. This extreme flip-flop condition seems to be a characteristic of CFS, with the result that the person “wears out” or quickly fatigues. 

Apparently, when one gland or organ becomes over- or under-active, another will attempt to compensate by going the other way. The may be a natural mechanism for self-regulation. In CFS the mechanism appears to be out of control, and the body is too weak to restore balance.

This was found to be the pattern for every CFS person tested. The flip-flop pattern is such a clear characteristic of CFS that ft could be used as a unique diagnostic indication.  People who had Epstein-Barr or fibromyalgia showed a different pattern of imbalance in the endocrine system. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity exhibited  a lopsided pattern. Most of the glands and organs needed biosouth polarity to come into balance . 

When the pattern of over- and under-activity has been determined by the muscle testing procedure, each gland and organ may then be treated with magnets of the appropriate polarity. The author uses pulsing magnetic applicators. The same instrument, called The Magnetic Power Pulsar, may be used to both diagnose and treat. Magnetic polarity is reversed by simply turning the applicator over. One side is colored blue and the other red, for bionorth and biosouth magnetic polarities. 

Treatment times of 10 to 15 minutes twice a day for each gland or organ are recommended if pulsed magnetic forces are used (for an hour to a day or more, if static or permanent magnets are used (the kind you might buy in a hardware store). 

Every two or three days, the magnetic diagnosis may be repeated and treatment altered accordingly. With each diagnosis, the tester will probably find fewer glands or organs that need rebalancing, until eventually the body is completely back in balance.

This could happen within a week to ten days. if the individual is normally healthy and vital, he or she will indefinitely maintain balance. 

Margie, whose glands were diagnosed and treated with pulsed magnetic therapy, recovered completely from CFS within ten days. One year later she was called to see how she was doing. She had been symptom free and had never experienced a relapse of any kind. 

Other practitioners of magnetic therapy have reported success using magnetic beds of only one polarity. If such a general treatment as sleeping on a magnetic bed is helpful, the more precise treatment based on magnetic diagnosis of the whole-endocrine system could be even more helpful. It is currently unknown what percentage of people is able to overcome CFS through use of this treatment. However, there are no side effects, and the treatment is inexpensive. It seems in the best interests of all to experiment more widely and systematically with this method.


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