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Full Moon Meditation on October 3rd, 2017

World Sound Healing Day (annual) - February 14th.

The results of our February 22, 2016  world wide meditation to lower radioactivity level of the Earth are HERE. 

  Electronic Muscle Tester now available with annotatable, printable, On-Screen Display!

The Electronic Muscle Tester is a breakthrough in technology that brings the useful technique of muscle testing into the era of scientific measurement.

This unique instrument based on the work of Buryl Payne, Ph.D. is used to test and measure muscle strength when squeezed by the hand. This replaces the traditional arm test where the tester forces the test subject arm down and gives a less objective result.

Every body is different and it needs different foods at different times. Never mind the hype for this or that. Determine what your body needs, not what someone else says. Our Electronic Muscle Tester will tell you. Using the computer readout to determine muscle tremor is even more accurate than the manual method.

Save money, buy what you need. EMT can also show what clothes strangthen you, what massage therapist best for you, what is the best place to live, etc.

The instrument gives a readout of the Maximum force of the squeeze and the speed of the squeeze on the analog display. Substances which give a higher result are strengthening and therefore presumably good for you, while substances which give a lower result are weakening and therefore presumably not good for you.

You can also check the effect of forces in the environment such as microwave ovens, computers, by testing with them on and off to see any change.

The technique of testing the strength or weakness of a muscle has been taught to chiropractors for over a decade. George Goodhart, D.C. has been one of the chief proponents of the approach.

Another chiropractor, John Thie, developed the technique further and discovered that the relative strength of different muscles is associated with specific glands and organs. When the client puts a finger on a particular gland or organ and the associated muscle strength is tested, it will be weaker if that gland or organ is malfunctioning.

This system is called "Touch for Health", and has been widely taught for over eight years. Other people found that foods, vitamins, herbs and other substances also affected the strength of muscles as well as thoughts and emotions. This system has come to be called Applied Kiniesiology.

The instrument uses a 9 volt rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. The Dataq PC Graphical Display  and EMT unit systems are integrated by  TurboMagnetics Research Associates, Santa Cruz CA

1. First you adjust the sensitivity

2. Then you squeeze!!!!

Standard EMT.

EMT Pictured above with Annotatable, Printable, On-screen Display:


Purchase at Turbomagnetics.

Make New Discoveries with the Spin Force Detector!

The concept of ‘spin’ is considered to be an intrinsic aspect of all sub atomic particles, atoms, and molecules.  It also occurs around galaxies, stars, and planets. I have discovered a spin force of a similar nature to be emanating from some organisms: humans, animals, and plants. 

It may be present around all living organisms.  It is not in the electromagnetic spectrum.  It can be detected with a simple and inexpensive device now called a Spin Force Detector.


The Spin Force Detector is simple to use, rugged, and stable in operation. To make a measurement, a person sits under the instrument with eyes at the level of the frame and reads the degree of initial rotation on a wall scale. Usually the initial amount of rotation will be between 1 and 70 degrees.

The discovery of this instrument opens up a whole new area of scientific investigation.

This is about the stage electricity was in when people could buy batteries and wire and make new discoveries. Everybody could make a new discovery. It was an exciting time!

Now is equally exciting. The discovery or rather rediscovery of spin is about a force that is non electric and non magnet. New discoveries can be made by anyone. The Spin Force is only about some of my discoveries.

Full directions of how to make a Spin Force Detector (of the way I made it) is included in the book.

Click here to order a Spin Force Detector or a Spin Force Detector plus "The Spin Force" e-book.

In my book, The Spin Force. A Collection of Articles and Experiments, I describe how I came to discover this device and measure some of it's properties.  I explain, in detail, how to make the apparatus and duplicate the experiments. 


I encourage readers to design their own experiments. For example, the AURA could be studied with the Spin Force Detector.

Detect your aura.

See how flares from the Sun affect your aura.

Feel low? What happens to your aura?

Fell radiant? Does it affect your aura?

What happens to your aura if someone think of you a thousand miles away?

What else affects your aura?

How does the size of your AURA compare with someone else's aura?

Can you affect your aura? Can you detect the aura of a cat, a potted plant, a bowl of fruit? A larger container of water? The same water blessed by a healer? Filtered water? Tap water? Spring water? Sea water? Polluted sea water? Does water that tastes good have a larger aura than water that tastes lousy?

Will kinesiology or our Electronic Muscle Tester show a difference?

Can you tell difference between "dead" food and "alive" food by their aura?

Is the oscillation period of the Spin Force Detector determined by aura color? Is the oscillation period different for different subjects?

I also report on the work of a Danish scientist who used such a device to harness electrical energy from this force.  It is suggested that the spin may be a fundamental force, replacing magnetism as a special case.


Available as an e-book (PDF format). $17




Table of Contents

                     I.      History of the discovery

                   II.      Published papers

                  III.      How to construct a Spin Force Detector

               IV.      Informal observations

                 V.      The Psychic Toy and  the Skylab Meditation

               VI.      Relation of the measured force with classical and quantum physics. Naming it a ‘spin force’

              VII.      Extracting usable power from the spin force

            VIII.      Remote healing and the Spin Force: The amazing experimental discovery of Dr. Ron Hruby

               IX.      Suggestions for further Research and Theoretical speculations

                 X.      Beyond the Spin Force


Planets can affect life on Earth.

For thousands of years, many people have claimed that planets influence events on Earth. Other people have said this was superstition. No known mechanisms whereby distant planets could affect Earth were known.

Now, with sensitive instruments and rockets that can travel high above the Earth, as well as orbiting satellites than can make nearly continuous observations, it has been discovered that Earth has a highly variable magnetic field and is radiated continuously and variably by the Sun with streams of electrons and protons and other particles, called the solar wind.

Observations have shown that both the Sun's activity and the variations in Earth's magnetic field are altered by the positions of the planets and the Moon. This provides a physical mechanism which links the planets to events on Earth.

I have observed links with some weather patterns, human personal behavior, and human mass behavior.

Links have been found to earthquakes, and links with volcanic eruptions are now being established. Ancient astrologers were right and modern scientific methods and instruments are helping to validate many of their initial observations.


New Directions for Humanity

The United States defense budget is 1.449 trillion dollars this year. The rest of the world combined spends another trillion. If only 33% (approximately 500 billion dollars) of the people working on defense were put to work on improving living standards such as desalting water, improving solar cells, or improving food growing procedures, etc. some wonderful improvements and discoveries might be made.

It now appears that warring behavior is a kind of mass paranoia or psychopathology induced in some people by solar and/or geomagnetic activity as well as other outside influences. The enemy is not them or us; it is some people’s reactions to solar activity! With knowledge and forewarning people can be careful, and choose to act differently. There is no need to have a huge defense budget to create more and bigger weapons.
It’s time to disarm! The money and creativity of humans is needed elsewhere.

The Academy of Peace Research invites people to design logos, create art, and write songs or poems that will resonant with the hearts and minds of everyone. Send them to the Academy. They will be posted and sent around the world.

Please support this work by buying a copy of The Quantum Theory of Love for only $7 and practicing it!

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